Go Safran - Race for Education: renovating public schools in California

Travis Nguyen, Training Project Manager at Safran Cabin, is a volunteer with Give & Grow Inc. (California) and is actively involved in the renovation of public schools, a commitment to solidarity that is close to his heart. We caught up with this selfless employee to find out more.


Go Safran - Race for Education

What is Give & Grow Inc.'s mission?

Give & Grow was founded on May 1, 2017 in California. Every year, an average of 320 members contribute to our project, "Create," which is deployed in the central and southern part of the state.

Give & Grow's mission is to do everything possible to promote education, starting with a welcoming school, clean classrooms and a safe recreation area. We believe that if children want to come to school, they will learn more effectively. So, all the members of the association get involved: we scrape, seal, restore, paint, plant, bring new supplies and add a touch of color, improving the study environment and creating good material conditions for learning – because education helps to build a better future for children.


Travis Nguyen, Training Project Manager at Safran Cabin
Travis Nguyen, Training Project Manager at Safran Cabin, volunteers with Give & Grow Inc., a nonprofit organization with a focus on education.

Do you volunteer for this association? Can you explain why?

About four years ago, I was asked to help with administrative tasks. As I became more familiar with Give & Grow's mission, I realized that my values were extremely close to the association's objectives and purpose. Over the years, I have wanted to take on more important roles, from supervising various projects to finding new suppliers or local organizations with whom to establish partnerships.

I struggle with the thought that so many students are still living in poverty today, without the necessary tools to follow their schooling normally. Public school budgets are being slashed and this has consequences at all levels, including updating textbooks and upgrading playground equipment to current standards.

Even if Give & Grow will not be able to change the lives of all students in all schools, at least we are trying to take action. I am really proud to see all the work we have done as an association, and the real impact our renovations have had on the lives of the beneficiaries.


How does the renovation work? Who takes part?

What's great about Give & Grow Inc. is that you get all types of people rolling up their sleeves to take part in a school renovation project: teachers; families, of course; but also students from neighboring universities; suppliers who give us goods or make significant discounts – as well as more than 120 Safran volunteers; we are a great and beautiful team serving children and the community.

This solidarity and the contribution of everyone's talents allow us to strengthen walls, repaint them, design and build gardens for science education, renovate libraries, remove graffiti – in short, give things a new life!

On average, each school we have renovated has about 400 students, from 4 to 12 years old. While parental guidance and support are obviously essential for children to perform well in the classroom, we believe that a pleasant environment contributes to a rewarding school experience. And more and more of us think so, as evident from the countless requests we receive from local school districts to benefit from our "Create" project.


What do you think of the Go Safran-Race for Education philanthropy operation?

Many of the people I have worked with know that philanthropy is particularly close to my heart. And I was really happy to learn that our Group was setting up Go Safran-Race for Education, a generosity operation that involves employees.

So far, my journey has been fraught with obstacles, and I would not be where I am today without the local support of various philanthropic programs such as Go Safran-Race for Education. These difficulties have taught me that, regardless of our status and potential successes, we must offer our help as soon as possible, and that is exactly what this initiative allows: it provides many of us with the opportunity to gradually improve the lives of others; it is a great joy – and at the same time a great responsibility.

This value of mutual aid also creates a positive atmosphere in our company: economic performance, innovative products and humanism form a winning third party!


Race for Education is a wellness engagement initiative deployed internally at Safran. Employees walk, run, cycle, and do quizzes to earn points that are converted into dollars which Safran then donates to a selection of non-profit organizations focused on educational activities.

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