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As a leading supplier to the global defense sector, Safran is helping America's armed forces and those of allied nations around the world meet their missions with a wide range of advanced technologies – many of which are produced and supported by Safran businesses in the United States.

Activities of Safran Landing Systems Kentucky include production and refurbishment of carbon brake disks, as well as production of wheels and brakes for civil and military customers in the Americas.


Turbocharging helicopters and aerial targets

Safran Helicopter Engines provides turboshaft engines used on military helicopters that include the U.S. Army's UH-72A Lakota and H-65 Dolphin of the U.S. Coast Guard. Safran also supplies electrical wiring harnesses to the CH-47 and MH-47G Chinook and the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters. Safran Power Units produces and maintains TR60-5 turbojet engines for the U.S. Army's and U.S. Navy's BQM167 aerial targets, having delivered more than 1,000 such powerplants.


Advanced solutions for military aircraft

In the U.S., Safran Landing Systems – including wheels and brakes – are used on many operational U.S. military aircraft, including the F/A-18 fighter, C-17 airlifter, KC-135 aerial tanker and the tilt-rotor V-22 Osprey. Safran also provides wiring solutions for a variety of American combat aircraft (Boeing F-22, Lockheed Martin F-16, KC-135R aerial tanker, V-22 and more). Safran Aerosystems supplies oxygen masks, oxygen cylinders and regulators, emergency backup oxygen systems, and Joint Service Aircrew Mask (JSAM) CBRN systems for a variety of military aircraft, including the F/A-18, EA-18G, T-45, P-8, C-40, C-2D, E-2D, E-6, and CV-22 aircraft.


High-performance electro-optic systems

Through Optics 1, Safran supplies the U.S. military handheld, weapon-mounted, and clip-on electro-optic systems, including the E-COTI, E-COSI, HRTV.

Optics 1


Equipping military aircraft from ground to air


Vectronix defenselink army vector

Tailoring solutions to specific mission requirements

In addition, avionics systems and equipment from Safran are in service with armed forces all over the world, from autopilots and flight controls to inertial navigation and data systems that are tailored to the specific mission requirements of military aircraft. This activity is handled by Texas-based Safran Electronics & Defense Avionics USA.

Other Safran capabilities for the U.S. defense market include observation and location solutions for the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, National Guard, Navy and Air Force.


Optics 1, Inc. designs, produces, and supports precision optical assemblies, subsystems, and integrated systems for leading global tech customers. Its core competencies are precision electro-optics, multi-band sensor implementations, low SWAP design and long-range viewing. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Vectronix Inc.

Safran Electronics & Defense is a world leader in the supply of solutions and services in optronics, avionics, electronics and critical software for both civil and military markets. 

Safran Helicopter Engines is the largest solely dedicated helicopter engine manufacturer in the world. Established in 1980, to support a growing customer base in the United States, the Grand Prairie facility was the first of 15 global sites within the Safran Helicopter Engines network. Today, more than 2300 engines are flying in the United States by approximately 400 operators including, Corporate, Emergency Medical Services, Tourism, Law Enforcement, Offshore, Utility and government agencies such as the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army, Customs and Border Patrol and FBI.

Safran Power Units designs and manufactures auxiliary power units (APU) and starting systems for civil and military aircraft, as well as turbojet engines for missiles and target drones. A world leader in its market, Safran Power Units has delivered over 21,000 systems since its creation in 1961.

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