Educational initiatives reach out to younger generations

Whether inspiring future scientists and engineers, or supporting those who will enrich our cultural lives, Safran USA believes in reaching out to younger generations through educational projects.

Innovative lessons in flight with the National Air and Space Museum

For the past few years, Safran has lent its support to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's (NASM) STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) program, which encourages young students to aspire to technical careers in aviation and space. In previous years, Safran USA has supported a series of interactive video conference lessons aimed at teaching students in the Dallas Fort Worth area and in Seattle, Washington about flight. In 2018, Safran sponsored NASM's "STEM in 30" interactive classroom program, which consists of 30-minute webcasts that engage middle school students in STEM topics.  In addition to sponsoring the December episode entitled "Magic or Math? Math in the Aerospace Industry," Safran also was featured among the experts discussing real world applications of math.

Safran USA inspires younger generations through educational initiatives
Students visit Safran Landing Systems in Walton, Kentucky


Youth education: Safran subsidiaries invests in our future

Safran gives back to local communities through local education-focused initiatives. Safran Electrical & Power and its EWIS Americas division believe in leading by example in the community and in the workplace. EWIS team members engage in outreach programs like school supply drives in Denton Texas – a policy followed by Safran Landing Systems, which does the same for their local Boone County Board of Education in Kentucky. And following its guiding belief that education is an investment in the future, Safran Test Cells (a subsidiary of Safran Aero Boosters) supports Junior Achievement educational programs, which help instill leadership abilities in students through volunteer-run courses.

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