Corporate Security Officer


Key information

Data management and IT
Support functions
Employees / Staff
Bolsa, California, UNITED STATES
Regular Full time, Full-time
Master Degree
More than 8 years

Job description

Corporate Security is a key factor in driving economic and technological performance within Safran and its subsidiaries. It is designed specifically to protect the Safran employees and its subsidiaries Industrial Assets.

It defines leads and coordinates the rules to be applied to security-related issues, and then checks that these rules are being properly applied in both its fields: General Security and Information Systems Security.

Summary of Duties:

  • • Manage the protection of people, property and information from malicious intent of any kind:
  • • Nationally or internationally,
  • • Inside the Group or preventively outside the Group (advice to partners, checks on service providers' security level, etc.)
  • • Design, coordinate, check and assess organizational, human and technical measures and resources
  • • Ensure that regional, national and international regulations are applied, as well as contractual obligations
  • • Enforce the Security program, while at the same time remaining attentive to any needs and difficulties encountered
  • • Apply Security policy
  • • Manage Security:
  • • Understand the Business's operations, goals and environment (position on the market, economic situation, geographic location, human / material / financial potential, etc.)
  • • Identify vulnerabilities and implement protective measures that are practical, efficient, long-lasting while controlling the costs
  • • Communicate and raise awareness in order to elicit the full support of the stakeholders concerned
  • • Ensure compliance and effectiveness
  • • Regulations and contractual obligations:
  • • Continually monitor new developments and assess their impact
  • • Apply the organizational, technical and human protective measures defined in the regulations and contracts
  • • Check that these measures are applied
  • • Report any malfunction
  • • Analyze risk on an on-going basis
  • • Constantly monitor and analyze the threats/risks
  • • Identify potential targets with the help of the Experts
  • • Assess vulnerabilities
  • • Define, implement and check protective measures and resources in order to reduce vulnerabilities
  • • Assist and advise line managers and more specifically the Executive and Management Committees:
  • • About the existence, impact and development of the threats and the regulatory and contractual obligations
  • • About the effectiveness of the protective measures and resources
  • • Communicate and raise awareness:
  • • Undertake communication and awareness-raising initiatives on the existence and application of Security rules
  • • Be attentive to any reports of an anomaly, difficulty, question or request for information about the threats, their impacts and protective measures

  • • Maintain an efficient network:
  • • From Group level through to Facility level
  • • In the event of a Security incident:
  • • Proper reporting
  • • Conducting necessary inquiries, in compliance with the current ethical standards and regulations
  • • After analyzing the incident, define and enforce corrective measures

Job requirements

Experience: Prefer over 8 years of experience in Aerospace and Defense
Computer Skills:

  • • Proficiency with Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Other Skills:
  • • Understanding of legal context (criminal law, labor law, etc.) and, if necessary, of the specific regulatory framework (local, regional, national and international)
  • • Good basic knowledge of the types of threats, and Security and Cyber Defense strategies and technologies
  • • Thorough command of the process to analyze the context, threats and vulnerabilities
  • • Experience of project and team management
  • • Bi-lingual required; ability to communicate in English and French
  • • Good organizational and management skills
  • • Integrity and exemplarity in all circumstances
  • • Ability to develop and maintain the status of trusted consultant, and be able to explain issues in readily-understandable terms
  • • Proven interpersonal skills
  • • Ability to explain and persuade
  • • Efficiency and practicality
  • • Receptiveness and ability to work independently

Complementary description

1. Does require fluent communication in English language.
2. Employment Status may be part-time, full-time, or temporary.

Specificity of the job

3. Traveling may be required.
4. Protracted or irregular hours may be required.
5. Relocation to another Safran facility may be required.

Company information

Safran SA

Safran is an international high-technology group, operating in the aircraft propulsion and equipment, space and defense markets. Safran has a global presence, with more than 92,000 employees and sales of 21 billion euros in 2018. Working alone or in partnership, Safran holds world or European leadership positions in its core markets. Safran undertakes Research & Development programs to meet fast-changing market requirements, with total R&D expenditures of around 1.5 billion euros in 2018.

Safran is ranked among the Top 100 Global Innovators by Thomson Reuters and is featured on the "Happy at work" rankings. The Group places fourth on the Universum ranking for the favorite companies of newly-qualified engineers in France.

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