CFMI Inc Financial analyst

Key information

Finance and management
Support functions
Professional, Engineer & Manager
Cincinnati, Ohio, UNITED STATES
Regular Full time, Full-time
Master Degree
More than 3 years
English Fluent

Job description


CFMI Inc Financial analyst - US local contract

The CFMI Inc financial analyst reports to CFMI Inc deputy CFO, and works on the financials of the subsidiary (Income statement and balance sheet)

He/She is involved in the following activities:

  • - IFRS closing, reporting for consolidation
  • - Budget and long term forecasting
  • - Follow-up of US GAAP actuals vs budget
  • - Responsible for Internal control campaign
  • - Identification and implementation Lean improvements
  • - Update and improvement of operating practices

Given the content of this position, the CFMI Inc financial analyst interacts regularly with :

  • - CFMI CFO, as well as CFMI Inc accounting, contracts and marketing departments
  • - Safran consolidation/accounting department
  • - Safran CFM program controllers
  • - Safran treasury department
  • - Safran sales and administration

The CFMI Inc Financial analyst is a preferably a native French speaker with a good English level, and has the ability to build a working relationship with a team abroad (in France).

The 2 main skills required are :

  • - Excel : excellent level required
  • - Finance : ability to analyze an Income statement and a Balance sheet and understand the interrelationships


Contrôleur de gestion CFMI Inc - contrat local aux US

Le contrôleur de gestion CFMI Inc rapporte au deputy CFO de CFMI Inc. Il intervient sur le périmètre complet de la filiale (bilan et compte de résultat).

Il/Elle réalise en particulier les activités suivantes :

  • - clôture et reporting des états IFRS
  • - construction et présentation du budget CFMI Inc, ainsi que du MTP (prévision à 5 ans)
  • - suivi et présentation des résultats mensuels en USGAAP
  • - réalisation des campagnes de contrôle interne
  • - identification et réalisation de projets d'amélioration
  • - mise à jour et réalisation de procédures

Compte tenu du périmètre de ses activités, le contrôleur de gestion CFMI Inc interagit très régulièrement avec les services suivants :

  • - CFO de CFMI Inc ainsi que les équipes comptabilité, contrats et marketing CFMI Inc
  • - Comptabilité filiales Safran Aircraft Engine
  • - Contrôle de gestion programme CFM Safran Aircraft Engine
  • - Trésorerie Safran Aircraft Engine
  • - Contrôle interne Safran Aircraft Engine
  • - Administration des ventes Safran Aircraft Engine
Le contrôleur de gestion CFMI Inc est de préférence francophone avec une bonne maitrise de l'anglais, et une capacité à tisser des liens de travail à distance.

Savoir-faire essentiels :

  • - Excel : très bon niveau requis
  • - Comptabilité : savoir lire, analyser un bilan et un compte de résultat et les comprendre les

Specificity of the job

Poste à Cincinnati aux USA en contrat local

Company information

Safran Aircraft Engines is a world-class engine manufacturer specializing in aeronautical and space propulsion. Within CFM International, Safran Aircraft Engines develops and produces the CFM56, both the best-selling engine of all times and the most reliable engine of its generation in the category of single-aisle aircraft. Its successor, the LEAP, was designed to equip the new-generation of single-aisle aircraft. Thanks to its cutting-edge technologies, the LEAP engine offers a significant reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in comparison with the CFM56 engines which are currently operating. The entry into service of the LEAP is scheduled for 2016 with the Airbus A320neo.
Safran Aicraft Engines also plays a key role in military propulsion. The company develops and produces the M53 and the M88 engines for the Mirage 2000 and the Rafale fighters. Safran Aircraft Engines offers its civilian and military customers a wide range of services as well as support to optimize aircraft operational availability.

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