Advanced Components International expands its manufacturing facility in Lee County, Florida

Advanced Components International (ACI), a subsidiary of Techspace Aero SA, a Safran company, announced today its plan to invest $11.6 million to retrofit an existing facility and buy machinery and equipment for its current operations in FL.  The expansion will include sizeable space and will add another 42 more jobs opportunities over the next five years when full-rate production is attained.  The company currently employs 36 people.

ACI has been a tenant in Lee County since 2010 and locally produces oil reservoirs used on commercial aircraft; ACI has major production commitments on next generation commercial aircraft resulting in year-over-year growth through 2020 and continuing for the life of the aircraft program.  It will employ skilled workers in manufacturing, engineering, management and support. ACI is located close to the Southwest Florida International Airport and will expand into an existing facility near Gateway.

The expansion adds to Safran' s current footprint in Florida; the company maintains several companies established in South Florida and employs more than 300 highly skilled workers in the state.

"Ultimately it was our choice to stay in Lee County in order to retain our current talent and skilled workforce, said Brad Cline, ACI's general manager.  Having been located here for several years, it was our preference to stay; Lee County and the state made that choice a lot easier, he added."

 "This move to a larger and upgraded facility provides a perfect example of Safran's industrial strategy of preserving skills and providing growth through investment in its existing locations," said Peter Lengyel, CEO and President Safran USA.

Advanced Components International (ACI), is a subsidiary of Techspace Aero (Safran).  Techspace Aero designs, develops and produces modules, equipment and test cells for aerospace engines. Thanks to its high-tech products, the company equips the Ariane 5 launcher and most commercial aircraft engines in all thrust ranges: from the largest engines for the long-haul aircraft to the medium-size and small engines used in regional aviation. The company holds world leadership positions in its three areas of excellence, including propulsion, aircraft equipment and test cells.


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