Multiple Safran Companies Exhibit Together for the First Time at AUSA

Vectronix Inc., Optics 1, Sagem Avionics, MorphoTrak, and Morpho Detection all exhibited at the Vectronix Inc. booth under the Safran brand at the Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) Annual Conference in Washington, D.C., from October 12-14, 2015.

Vectronix and its wholly-owned R&D subsidiary, Optics 1, showcased its complete range of portable observation and targeting optronics solutions to meet the wide scope of infantry requirements. In addition to its well-known rangefinders, imaging solutions, and the STERNA non-magnetic north finding orientation system, both companies introduced new technologies - notably the new MOSKITO TI and E-COTI. Vectronix also displayed Sagem's PASEO, a new family of multi-mission optronics tactical electro-optical system for combat vehicles and warships. 

Safran's exhibit of innovative security solutions from its U.S. based companies included MorphoWave™, the market's first biometric access solution featuring high-speed touchless fingerprint matching and MorphoIDent™, a handheld mobile fingerprint identification device that enables real-time identification in the field. Visitors also learned about MobileTrace®, the industry's first simultaneous dual-mode handheld explosives and narcotics trace detection system (ETD) currently deployed at military installations. As a preview, Safran presented SourceID™, a handheld device for detecting and identifying sources of radioactive emissions scheduled for release in 2016. All these solutions are designed to enhance security, and support various government agencies in their critical missions across the U.S. and abroad

"For over 20 years, Vectronix Inc. has been a great supporter of the U.S. Army, not only by participating in their Annual Conference, but also supplying our troops with high-quality technology to help fulfill their mission requirements," said Joseph Bogosian, Chief Executive Officer of Vectronix Inc. "This year, we were at AUSA Annual with Optics 1, once again, but with a new look, new technologies, and a renewed commitment to continue our tradition of achievement and success. We were happy to have our fellow Safran companies – Sagem Avionics, MorphoTrak, and Morpho Detection – join us at our booth this year to offer a glimpse of what other technologies Safran as a corporation overall has to offer to the U.S. Army land forces."  

"Safran has been a trusted partner of the U.S. defense and security industries for decades," says Peter Lengyel, CEO and President of Safran USA. "This event offered us the opportunity to underline that level of commitment to the U.S. defense, homeland security and law enforcement communities, and showcase the many products that serve our customers' needs and the U.S. market."  

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