Cenco U.S. (Safran) welcomes the Belgian Ambassador to the U.S.

On Monday October 19th, Ambassador Johan Verbeke was welcomed by Mr. Jerome Morhet, the CEO & President of Cenco U.S., at their offices in New Brighton, Minnesota.   Ambassador Verbeke arrived with a delegation of trade and investment representatives interested in understanding Cenco's business and the impact a Belgian-owned company has on the aero-engine testing market.  The discussion centered around how Belgium can support the efforts of Cenco and how the successful Cenco business model can be replicated in other Belgian companies seeking to have businesses in the US.

"We were honored to have Ambassador Verbeke visit our offices and engage in a lively and productive dialogue", Morhet commented about the visit.  As a part of Techspace Aero, Cenco represents one of two businesses located in the US, the other located in Florida. 

Cenco is a wholly owned subsidiary of Techspace Aero, a Safran company, based in Liege, Belgium and is a leader in providing facilities and specialized equipment for testing commercial and military jet engines. TechspaceAero  designs, develops and produces modules, equipment and test cells for its aerospace engines. Thanks to its high-tech products, the company equips the Ariane 5 launcher and most commercial aircraft engines in all thrust ranges: from the largest engines for long-haul aircraft to the medium-sized and small sizes used in regional aviation and most recently in business aviation.


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