Scott Swann talks about Morpho Video Investigator

November 24, 2015

Morpho Video Investigator was developed in response to the urgent need in law enforcement and intelligence communities for a way to quickly assess vast amounts of video for investigative purposes. Recently introduced in the U.S. market, this solution is currently being implemented by MorphoTrak for a law enforcement customer.


We spoke with Scott Swann, Senior Director of Innovation at MorphoTrak to find out more about this innovative solution.

Scott Swann is responsible for identifying, researching and developing customer solutions; leveraging Morpho's industry leading biometric and security technologies. He most recently served as Special Assistant to the FBI Executive Assistant Director of the Science and Technology Branch. Mr. Swann is a well-recognized leader in the advancement of biometric technologies.

What does this product do?

"Law enforcement agencies and other government agencies are faced with a daunting amount of video that they have to process to support investigation. This product helps them reduce the amount of data they actually have to look at by using automated technologies to provide actionable intelligence."


How is Morpho Video Investigator innovative?

"There are other products that provide solutions to small parts of the problem, but Morpho Video Investigator is a lot more comprehensive in how it processes videos. It operates a large suite of automated tools that can work in partnership with the investigator so that their findings and their actions can be recorded, but also included in automation and in the overall investigation."


Which technologies are behind this solution?

"We have merged our industry leading facial recognition software with video analytics for motion person and license plate recognition. At the core are powerful algorithms that process video sequences by detecting, searching and reporting elements of interest to provide actionable intelligence."


How will this assist police officers in investigations?

"While at the FBI, one of my roles was to lead the organization's video strategy. What we found was that not only in law enforcement, but across the entire government there are a lot of challenges with being able to process video efficiently. Morpho Video Investigator helps all the way from the ingestion, to the organization of the video, to helping use the automated tools to actually find the actionable intelligence within the video. It then creates an environment that leverages the findings of an investigator and the computer to help in criminal investigation."


What is the potential for adoption of this solution in the United States?

"There are 18,000 state and local law enforcement agencies, many of which have the need for video analytics solutions. But this is not limited to law enforcement. The need to process video more efficiently cuts across the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the intelligence community, and various other parts of the U.S. government. We therefore believe that the market is very large. Beyond the U.S. government, even within the commercial sector, any large corporation that has a security component could potentially have a need for this kind of technology."


How has your experience with the FBI facilitated your involvement in this project?

"I have about 18 years of experience facilitating R&D as well as testing and evaluation of products for the FBI. As I previously mentioned, I also coordinated the FBI's major issues study to investigate the roadmap needed to support their video strategy. I am therefore able to draw upon that experience in my role of managing MorphoTrak's portfolio of face recognition products within the U.S."

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