Governor Chris Christie visits Vectronix, Inc. in Bedford, New Hampshire

Governor Chris Christie [R-NJ] visited the Vectronix, Inc. (Safran) headquarters and production facility in Bedford, on Wednesday January 13, as part of his presidential campaign tour in New Hampshire. Key Safran defense technologies were highlighted by Vectronix CEO Joe Bogosian and other senior company executives during the facility tour. Officially opened in 2013, the 50,000 sq ft facility is shared with Optics 1, the research and development arm of Vectronix, Inc.

Vectronix and Optics 1 are leaders in the development and manufacture of handheld, mounted module and precision systems for observation, targeting and geo-positioning. Leveraging core competencies in electro-optics, laser range finders, and north-finding technologies, they support the requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as the nation's federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.

Governor Chris Christie at Vectronix.jpg

Gov. Christie addressing Vectronix employees in New Hampshire

After touring the location and experiencing cutting-edge defense equipment first-hand, the Governor spoke to a gathering of employees during a town hall style meeting. Before fielding questions from the crowd, Chris Christie underlined the importance of advanced defense technologies such as Safran's to protecting national security. Commending employees for their contribution, he stated: "Thank you for what you're doing not only for your families and yourselves, but for our country too".

A video of visit is available online

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