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Airbus’ giant BelugaXL cargo plane makes first flight, with a major contribution from Safran

Paris, July 19, 2018

Safran employees involved in this program watched the first flight of the BelugaXL on Tuesday, July 19 from the Toulouse Blagnac airport.

Safran makes a significant contribution to this new extra-large cargo plane from Airbus, which will enter service in 2019 and will be operated by the affiliate Airbus Transport International (ATI).

Safran Electrical and Power supplies most of the wiring and electrical cabinets that handle electrical power distribution to the flight controls. Safran Electronics & Defense supplies several flight control systems, a data loading system and a backup electric flight control module. Safran Landing Systems supplies the landing gear, along with the wheels and carbon brakes*. The ten thrust reversers on the Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engines powering the BelugaXL were developed by Safran Nacelles, while the power transmission systems come from Safran Transmission Systems.

Zodiac Aerospace also contributes, as supplier of fuel supply and oxygen distribution systems. Safran Filtration Systems provides hydraulic filters.

* The wheels and carbon brakes, a dual source arrangement on this airplane, were developed by Goodrich-Messier, a joint venture between Safran Landing Systems and UTC Aerospace Systems.


Safran's contribution to the BELUGAXL - Dataviz


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