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Safran’s maintenance, repair and overhaul capabilities are highlighted at MRO Americas

MRO Americas 2018 exhibition and conference in Orlando, Florida
Teaming up at MRO Americas, the Safran booth and Zodiac Aerospace's adjacent exhibit attracted a steady flow of visitors to Orlando, Florida's Orange County Convention Center.

April 17, 2018

Last week's MRO Americas 2018 exhibition and conference in Orlando, Florida spotlighted Safran's maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) solutions for operators in civil and military markets, while also highlighting Zodiac Aerospace's capabilities.

At MRO Americas, Safran Nacelles' signed a NacelleLife agreement with Interjet

Safran Nacelles' agreement with Interjet to provide repair services and spares pool resources for engine nacelles on the Mexican airline's Airbus A320neo-series jetliners was signed at MRO Americas by Olivier Savin, Safran Nacelles' Vice President of Customer Support & Services (at left) and Edvin López, Senior Vice President - Engineering and Maintenance, Interjet.

Visitors were able to see the following products and services on display at the Safran booth: an Airbus A320 nose landing gear and a Boeing 737 NG carbon brake from Safran Landing Systems; an Airbus A330/A340 auxiliary power unit AC generator, an avionics fan, a RAT (ram air turbine), and a LEAP engine wire harness from Safran Electrical & Power; as well as the Cassiopee flight data monitoring system and a range of flight control systems by Safran Electronics & Defense. In addition to featuring repaired engine components, Safran Aircraft Engines highlighted B.Side – its new remote borescope inspection service.Adjacent to the Safran exhibit was the Zodiac Aerospace booth, which highlighted the company's service offering, including spares supply, component repair, operator programs, and product support. Just weeks before MRO Americas, Zodiac Aerospace joined Safran to create the world's third largest aerospace company (excluding aircraft manufacturers).

Safran Nacelles made headlines with the launch of its NacelleLifeTM offering for full jet engine nacelle solution services. NacelleLifeTM provides tailorable nacelle services to the requirements of operators, involving any or all steps from preparations for a jetliner's service entry through its retirement from operation. During the show, Safran Nacelles signed agreements with two airlines, WOW air and Interjet, to provide Safran NacelleLife™ support services for engine nacelles on their Airbus A320neo family jetliners.

Also signed was a support agreement under which Safran Landing Systems will provide wheels and carbon brakes – as well as maintenance, repair and overhaul services – for Air Canada's fleet of Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 aircraft.

As the main gathering of aviation maintenance professionals, MRO Americas provided a unique platform for Safran representatives to meet existing and potential customers at its booth.

MRO Americas 2018 exhibition and conference in Orlando, Florida
Hardware exhibited by Safran at MRO Americas included an Airbus A320 nose landing gear from Safran Landing Systems (at left), and a RAT (ram air turbine) from Safran Electrical & Power (at right).


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