Safran works diligently to build long-term, mutually rewarding relationships with suppliers that meet our performance expectations and share our ethics by ensuring corporate responsibility at every link in the supply chain.

Safran suppliers

Safran is proud of its relations with valued suppliers, operating under the premise that solid, long-term relationships benefit all stakeholders, and are a key component of Safran's success. Suppliers are selected on the basis of objective criteria, following transparent and well-documented procedures. They then work closely with Safran to ensure customer requirements are not only met, but exceeded. In a business where our performance affects lives, we expect nothing less than excellence from our partners.

If your company shares Safran's values and drive for excellence, we'd love to hear from you. 


Shared values help build a positive future

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Safran suppliers share our values of integrity, fair competition, transparency and sustainable development. Safran USA, its employees and its suppliers around the world must uphold and apply all employment laws, regulations and policies. With zero-tolerance for corruption benefiting the private or public sector, practices such as third-party bribes and child or forced labor are not tolerated. Fair competition laws also prohibit practices that alter competition, such as price fixing. And all parties are expected to exercise good judgment with business courtesies like gifts and hospitality. 


Safran expects its suppliers to step up to the plate so we can better meet customers' expectations, by proposing innovative solutions that drive a continuous improvement in competitiveness.

We establish solid relations of mutual trust to support our suppliers' efforts, and also provide the resources needed to achieve industrial excellence and enhance their performance on a sustainable basis.

Along with our partners in industry, and a network of innovative small businesses and startups, Safran constantly seeks solutions that will make our supply chain even more robust, and help us shape tomorrow's aerospace industry.

Olivier Horaist, Safran Executive Vice President, Production and Purchasing

Complying with global import and export laws

Safran USA calls upon a diverse group of international and national suppliers for its goods and services. As a breach of multinational trade rules could mean serious consequences for the Group, it is critical that companies and employees comply with the multinational laws and regulations that apply to Safran's international trade activities. Companies that import and export must obtain all required government licenses, permits, and approvals for the import/export of controlled products or technologies.

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