Safran USA Employee Spotlight Stories

People are the most valued asset at Safran. The company constantly is on the lookout for the best talent as it develops high-performance, safer and more environmentally-friendly technology solutions.

The following stories put a focus on Safran employees from all levels – including managers, specialists, mentors, interns and others – who are making their mark while working with Safran businesses in the U.S. 


Justin Agren

   Employee Spotlight:

   Justin Agren, Product Line Manager, Safran Aerosystems Arresting 

   October 5, 2020

Andy Fiala and Daniel Quezada

   Mentor/Mentee Spotlight:

   Andy Fiala, Data Scientist at Safran Passenger Innovations
   Daniel Quezada, Software Developer at Safran Aerosystems 

   February 14, 2020

Melanie Charles and Aany Sustarsic

   Mentor/Mentee Spotlight:

   Aany Sustarsic, Senior Planner at Safran Cabin Huntington Beach
   Melanie Charles, Global G7500 Project Leader at Safran Cabin Canada 

   January 22, 2020

Rebekah McCauley and Rachel Nijssen

   Mentor/Mentee Spotlight:

   Rachel Nijssen, Commercial Manager at Safran Landing Systems Canada
   Rebekah McCauley, Customer Support Specialist at Safran Power Units Dallas 

   December 20, 2019

Tim Branam

   Employee Spotlight:

   Tim Branam, Subject Matter Expert Trainer, Safran Seats 

   November 8, 2019

Karl Poulsen and Ying Huang-Isella

   Mentor/Mentee Spotlight:

   Karl Poulsen, General Manager, Safran Power Units
   Ying Huang-Isella, Chief Engineer, Systems and Control at Safran Passenger Solutions 

   September 9, 2019

The Safran North America Mentorship Program

   Mentor/Mentee Spotlight:

   Chantal Smith, Procurement Analyst, Safran Helicopter Engines
   Roland Mazet, Operations Manager, Safran Electronics & Defense 

   February 1, 2019

Damien Loisy

   Employee Spotlight:

   Damien Loisy, Carbon Engineering Manager, Safran Landing Systems 

   July 26, 2018

Sarah Grabinski

   Employee Spotlight:

   Sarah Grabinski, Director of Engineering, Zodiac Cabin Interior Solutions 

   June 22, 2018

Keith Benson

   Employee Spotlight:

   Keith Benson, Production Operations Manager at Zodiac Parachute & Protection America 

   May 25, 2018

Bruce Zimmerman, Engineering Manager of Carbon Manufacturing, Safran Landing Systems

   Employee Spotlight:

   Bruce Zimmerman, Engineering Manager of Carbon Manufacturing, Safran Landing Systems 

   February 21, 2018

Walt Kennedy

   Employee Spotlight:

   Walt Kennedy, Director of Business Development,
   Foreign Military Sales and International, Optics 1 

   November 9, 2017

Sophie Roynette

   Mentor/Mentee Spotlight:

   Sophie Roynette, Financial Analyst, Safran Human Resources Services
   Benoit Guerder, Chief Financial Officer, CFM Materials 

   November 3, 2017

Eric Kline

   Mentor/Mentee Spotlight:

   Eric Kline, Engineering Manager, Safran Electrical & Power
   Adam Lucci, Safran Landing Systems 

   September 20, 2017

Hannah Dressen

   Intern Spotlight:

   Hannah Dressen, Safran USA Supply Chain Engines Support

   September 14, 2017

Michael Kennedy

   Employee Spotlight:

   MRO Americas special edition: Michael Kennedy & Carl Pruitt

   April 26, 2017


   Employee Spotlight:

   Julien Sedlak, Site Engineering Manager, Safran Electronics & Defense Avionics USA, LLC

   February 23, 2017


   Employee Spotlight:

   Michael Wong, Master Production Schedule Manager, Safran Helicopter Engines

   September 26, 2016


   Employee Spotlight:

   Charla Keiser, Test Engineering Specialist, Safran Engineering Services

   August 3, 2016


   Employee Spotlight:

   Troy Lewis, Training Network Manager, North America at Turbomeca

   March 24, 2016


   Employee Spotlight:

   Nathaniel Elder, Mechanical Designer/Draftsman, Labinal Power Systems

   February 3, 2016


   Employee Spotlight:

   Sam Wellington, VP Business Aviation Support Americas, Snecma

   January 8, 2016


   Employee Spotlight:

   Michael Murphy, Safran Landing Systems

   November 10, 2015


   Employee Spotlight:

   Doug DuPont, Federal / Governmental Program Manager, Turbomeca USA

   July 2, 2015


   Employee Spotlight:

   Elliott Brunner, Operations Supervisor, Labinal Power Systems

   May 26, 2015

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