With 2,000 employees at more than 15 locations across the U.S., Safran's security business helps to simplify and secure the lives of the American people. 

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Civil Identification

Safran Identity & Security is a trusted partner of U.S. federal, state and local governments, providing state-of-the-art documents such as passports, IDs and driver's licenses that citizens rely on to exercise their civil rights, gain access to benefits and services, and ensure trusted transactions while reducing fraud and enhancing national security. Forty of 50 states use solutions by Safran Identity & Security subsidiary MorphoTrust to produce 80% of the U.S. driver licenses and IDs. In addition, MorphoTrust's nationwide network of 1,100 IdentoGO® Centers deliver fingerprinting and other identity-related services to over 3 million customers.

Security in the US

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Digital ID & Smart Transactions

Protecting personal data and identity in today's electronic transactions is vital. Safran delivers trust in the digital world by providing secure telecom and payment solutions to U.S. customers. In the Telecom market, mobile network operators, subcarriers, silicon manufacturers and handset manufacturers use its innovative chip card technologies. U.S. banks and payment associations also rely on Safran's highly secure smart card solutions.

As a major player in smart card technologies, Safran Identity & Security is supporting the U.S. migration toward the EMV standard, where smart cards will replace magnetic swipe payment cards.

Safran is also leveraging its world leadership in biometrics to provide a higher level of security and convenience during mobile payment and authentication transactions.



Automated facial recognition system MorphoFace™ Investigate



Criminal Justice & Public Security

With expertise in multibiometric identification technologies, Safran protects people and property. Its world-leading biometric technologies, including fingerprint, face and iris recognition, provide US law enforcement agencies with advanced capabilities to solve more crimes, faster. With over 50% of state and local Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS) systems in the U.S., Safran boasts a strong market share. The company's handheld mobile identification terminals help security officers in the U.S. quickly identify threats in the field.



Transport Security and Border Control

From airport check-in through to flight boarding, Safran is actively at work to make the travel experience safer and more convenient for passengers. Safran plays a critical role in enhancing aviation security through enrollment services for the TSA PreCheck program and explosives detection solutions for passengers, baggage and air cargo.


Critical Infrastructure

A vital element in the protection of high-value sites and critical infrastructure, Safran's explosives and narcotics detection solutions are deployed at nuclear power facilities, banks and data centers, national monuments, embassies and consultates as well as other federal, state and municipal government facilities. Safran also leverages advanced technologies to control access to restricted areas by using biometric recognition.



MorphoTrust's locations include Billerica, Massachusetts; Bloomington, MN; Fort Wayne, IN; Jersey City, NJ; and Nashville, TN.

Morpho N.A., Inc. is located in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

MorphoTrak  is headquartered in Anaheim, California, and maintains a federal presence near Washington, D.C. A facility in Morgantown, West Virginia will open soon.  


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